Third Grade-Mrs. Tighe

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    Attention for Snack We have a peanut allergy in class so please do not send in nuts or peanut butter for snack.
    Lunch is ok, but not snack.
    Thank you.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weekend. We have a short week ahead with Friday off. In math, we will start Topic 5 and learn more on multiplication and multiples of numbers. In religion, we will review Ch. 4 and then learn about Mary and the Rosary. In science, we will continue with types of energy. In SS, we will have a test on Ch. 1 and continue learning about early explorers in Ch. 3. In ELA, we will read non-fiction "Bats Love Night" and write about facts learned. In WW, we will continue work on the Halloween narrative and poem. Spelling is a unit review of the past 5 units.

     Please send in a couple of masks for your child in case the one they wear to school breaks or falls to the ground when they take it off.

    Kindly make sure your child has a labeled school sweater everyday in school.  Please keep in mind the school dress code policy. This includes no nail polish, only school sweater/gym jacket as outer wear in classroom, school shoes( no sneakers) except on gym days, belts for boys, only St. Patrick bows/handbands or "school colors" permitted.

    Below is the google site that I will be using to communicate with if we are required to go online and I will post class pics on it too. The class schedule for the whole week is also listed on this site and will be on my google classroom each day. Google Classroom will also have the pages needed for the day.
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    Monday: Spelling- do definitions in NB                         Math- pg. 285-286 #1-6,1,2                           Religion- Unit 1 test in bk Friday

    Tuesday: Spelling- do sentences in NB                        Math -pg. 291-292 #1-13,1,2                        Religion- Unit 1 test in bk Friday
                Reading- read 20 min.

    Wednesday: Spelling- choose 1 activity                           and do in NB                                                    Math- Ch. 5 Review Test pg.                         293-297 # 1-7,9,11,12,14,15 
                         ELA- RR #6, do in RR NB                                 Religion- Unit 1 test in bk Fri.
                               Reading- read 20 min.

     Thursday:  Reading- read 20 min.                                    Math- multiplication sheet                           Spelling- do activity in NB                             ELA- do i-ready reading comp                        assigned. i-ready password in                      your agenda                                                       Religion- Unit 1 test in bk                                 tomorrow

     Friday: read 20 min. and practice reading on i-ready games
    Spelling Words:  state, face, pave, flame, skate, plane, slide, size, prize, smile, close, globe, smoke, broke, stove                  Bonue: erase, scene

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    Guidance Google Classroom
    Code: 7l64pqp

    MONDAY: Media: 9:49--
    code ossfboc
    TUESDAY: Music: 8:25 --
    WEDNESDAY: Gym: 1:46--
    code zxcx6w6

    THURSDAY: Art: 1:27--
    code ymv5mss
    FRIDAY: Gym: 12:42
    Lunch: 11:06-11:33 
    Recess: 11:35-11:53

  • Absent Notes:

    Anytime your child is absent from class, a note needs to come to school with them when they return. Please no emails. You can email me to let me know what's going on with your child, but an official note on paper from you has to come into school.
  • Recess

    For indoor recess, please send your child in with a small toy, bag of legos or kinex, playdoh, puzzle, puzzle book, drawing book, painting book, cards, small dolls, matchbox cars-- in a bag with your child's name on it, so they can play at their desk.