Third Grade-Mrs. Tighe  3-2

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    We will be having our End of the Year Fiesta/Moving Up Ceremony on Wed. June 14 at 12:45! Our Father's Day Publishig Party will be June 12th from 1-2 pm in Canning Hall.

    Here's the LAST week of school! In math, we will finish Chap. 12 with geometry and learn how to describe shapes and triangles.  In religion, we will cover Chap. 17-20 and learn about God's Kingdom and the mustard seed, the Good Samaritan, and world peace.  In SS, we finished our tour of Mexico. We will celebrate with the end of the year "fiesta"! In science, we will look at Ch. 7 and learn about fossils and examine 5 insects up close and write traits. In ELA, we will read a play about a soccer team and then a fic. story about a dog named Buster.

    We will be using Google Classroom to communicate for class daily schedules, for students who are absent, and for special teachers.
    Our Google Classroom Code:


     Attention for Snack We have a peanut allergy in class so please do not send in cookies with nuts, nuts or peanut butter for snack.
    Lunch is ok, but not snack.
    Thank you.

    Kindly make sure your child has a labeled school sweater everyday in school.  Please keep in mind the school dress code policy. This includes no nail polish, only school sweater/gym jacket as outer wear in classroom, school shoes( no sneakers) except on gym days, belts for boys, only St. Patrick bows/handbands or "school colors" permitted.

    Below is the google site that I will be using to communicate with if we are required to go online and I will post class pics on it too. The class schedule for the whole week is also listed on this site and will be on my google classroom each day. Google Classroom will also have the pages needed for the day.
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