Sra Salazar - Spanish 6-8 & 8-2 Homeroom

  • 10/15  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Gracias, Gracias to ALL of you.... I am beyond overwhelmed and grateful!!!!  You were all so kind, generous, loving and kind today on my birthday...I was showered with so many beautiful, cards, gifts.... especially with so much love from all of my amazing students.  I thank God for having such loving, kind human beings in my life!  Thank you again.... !!!!
    9/22 I would like to say THANK YOU to each and every one that has sent a PARENT HOMEWORK :) I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning about your child.   I have not responded but know that I have read each and every single one of them ...this year is off to a great start and I look forward to continuing to learning and sharing.... Please do not hesitate to reach out should you ever have any questions.
    Sra. Salazar

    I hope you have had a great summer...I am looking forward to seeing all of you again and to meeting all of our new students.  It will be a great year of learning...
    I will post homework/assessments/projects etc here in the calendar.  Students will also be given dates in class.  Documents will be posted in Google classroom as well as work that is not handed out to them.  

    Please note that the Asi Se Dice textbook and Workbook MAY BE KEPT AT HOME.  As you know by now, I DO NOT use the textbook and rely on other resources instead.  Please bring your binder daily and writing supplies as well as your dictionary.    This will be used daily.   

    HOMEROOM NOTES:  We will have early dismissal the first two days so you may bring in ALL SUPPLIES as requested over the first two days.  We will have our first full day on Thursday. 

    PLEASE review the handbook.
    Note:  Hooded sweatshirts will NOT be allowed unless they are Saint Patrick sweatshirts. (exception of dress down days)
    Girls may not have acrylic nails and may only be a light shade.
    Boys must have a belt and hair must adhere to the length specified in the handbook.
    Avoid hair coloring as it must be as natural as possible. 

    All of this is specified in handbook.  

    Looking forward to a great year....

    Sra. Salazar,
    Spanish Teacher and 8-2 Homeroom Teacher

  • Tarea 6-8


    6th grade Homework
    Due 10/25- Please complete coloring by numbers actitivy. :)

    Due 10/21-Please complete articles handout. Refer to the powerpoint handout.  Powerpoint uploaded to Google Classroom for reference if needed.

    Due 10/20-Please print out the handouts posted on Google Classroom.  
    And please complete hw assigned which was due on 10/19 if you did not complete.
    Thank you

    Due 10/19-Please watch the video uploaded on Google Classroom and write down any new vocabulary that you see pop up as you watch.
    Due 10/18-Please complete classroom objects crossword puzzle.
    10/14-Please study, there will be a unit test tomorrow.
    10/13-Please continue to study, our unit test will be this upcoming thursday.
    10/8-Keep binder organized, practice spelling and writing dates.  We will have our raffle tomorrow Friday :)
    Due 9/29-Please review the numbers, dates and months; note upcoming quiz on calendar
    9/26-Review unit material and print rubric for Monday's Padre Nuestro Assessment
    9/17 Finish cognates sheet
    7th grade
    Please review subject pronouns and adjectives.

    10-20-  Please study the new vocabulary list as well as the new verb SER and its conjugation

    Due 10/19-Please study-Test on 10/19
    10/14-Please complete the numbers handout.
    10/8-Please study for quiz. 

    10/6-Please note the quiz has been moved to 10/8

    Due 10/5-We will continue to work on our presentations which were due 10/4
    Due 9/29-Please work on project, note upcoming quiz as posted on calendar.
    9/26-Print rubric for Monday's Padre Nuestro Assessment
    9/17 Finish coloring task
    8th grade
    8-2 Due Monday 
    ****Please address to Saint Patrick Administration or Monsignor Walden****
    Please complete reflection letter and have it signed by parent/guardian.
    This letter is being asked of you based on behavior which has been observed by teachers throughout the year in the hallways/classroom/cafeteria. Is it a direct reflection of yourself? You decide....please write a letter of how you can be a better role model for the students here at Saint Patrick... how can this behavior change? What can you do to contribute positively to the Saint Patrick school community?  
    Due 10/20-Please study, you will have a test.  Study guide given to help you.
    Please organize and study/review
    Test has been moved to 10/20
    Due Monday 10/18-Adjectives Mask.  Video uploaded to Google Classroom.
    10/13-Please study for quiz tomorrow.
    10/8 Even if we are completing our Amigo Ideal en clase, I suggest you work on your writing at home or you can color at home because I  am going to be collecting tomorrow and class does go quick.  :)
    10/6-Please note that there is a change on the quiz. It is now on the 13th and the test will remain on the 19th.
    10/5-We will continue to work on our presentations which were due on 10/4
    Due 9/29- Complete Task 6 & 8-El Gaucho Argentino.  Please remember to use the exact translations I asked you to write from the smartboard for the word search.
    Continue working on your project.
    9/26 Complete task 1 & 3-El Gaucho Argentino, bring in rubric for Monday's Padre Nuestro assessment
    9/17 Finish coloring task-greetings

  • Homeroom Notes

    Please bring in coupon books if you are not fundraising.  Thank you :)

    10-15   Please be aware that Winter Uniforms begin this upcoming Monday.    
    If you are NOT fundraising, PLEASE send back the COUPON book ASAP.
    10/13-Money for halloween party is due by this upcoming Friday 10/15
    10/6-Please remember to bring in the Diploma sheet. It is due by this Friday.
    9/27  There is a St Michael's mass on Wednesday at 9 AM.  I have a couple of students in HR who will be attending.  They will be heading down to lobby to meet their parents at 8:40 am. to then proceed to walk over to church.

    Thank you to those who have volunteered for prayer leaders.

    Hope the girls enjoyed the visit from Our Lady of Mercy.

    We will have early dismissal on Friday. 

    I have been sending home School Fair notices and Open Houses information with the students.  Students were also given the booklet.  Please make sure you review.  
    -Students will be taking the IReady next week on Tuesday and Wednesday and will be doing so the first three periods of both these days.
    -Please make sure to talk to your students about the importance of behavior, cooperation and example that we are setting as 8th graders.  I have already had conversations with the students about noise level, excessive talking and the protocol in the cafeteria.  It is imperative that we continue that we work as a team and to do so we must follow the rules and listen so that we get back to the classroom in time and on to the rest of our day.
    Sra Salazar

  • Mandatory Quarantine

    If a student is in mandatory quarantine, I will be uploading work in Google Classroom and it will be the students' responsibility to send the work back to me.  We will communicate and keep in touch and as always, I am always available to answer any questions.  Please bear in mind, during teaching hours; I will not be able to get back to you.  

  • Q&A

    I will provide Q&A during my lunch period to all grades. Students need to come and see me PRIOR and get a pass signed.  Students will eat lunch first and then come see me.
    6th grade FRIDAYS 12:25 pm
    7th grade WEDNESDAYS 12: 25 pm
    8th grade TUESDAYS 12:25 pm