Fifth Grade - Ms. Grace
Math, Social Studies & Religion 

  • Homework

    No school

    Pass 2 math iReady lessons by Friday (we will have time in class throughout the week- whatever is not finished in class is homework)
    5-2: Math test tomorrow... STUDY!!
    5-2: Religion- finish 'keys to communication' due tomorrow; finish 'trouble spots' due Thursday; open-book Family Life test tomorrow
    All: Social Studies Test on Thursday 3/23 and Friday 3/24
    5-1: Math- pgs. 577-582 due Monday (you should be starting tonight); Math test on Tuesday 3/28
    5-2: Math- pages 583-584 due Friday
    All: Study for Social Studies
    **Finish iready lessons**
    Have a great weekend!

  • 5-2 Specials Schedule

    Monday: Music (9:49-10:29)
    Tuesday: Gym (9:49-10:29)
    Wednesday: Media (10:31-11:11)
    Thursday: Gym (10:31-11:11)
    Friday: Art (8:25-9:05) and Chorus (12:00-12:40)
    Lunch/Recess: 11:13-11:53

  • Google Classroom

    Homeroom/Religion 5-2: kjsstlu
    Math 5-2: fhcatrn
    Social Studies 5-2: gei46hs

    Math 5-1: 2wh5mpe
    Social Studies 5-1: dtj52st

    Guidance 5-2: ssnxy4i
    Music 5-2: fdcf4pk

  • Extra help

    Extra help will be offered on Tuesday's. Please see me if you plan on coming or if you need extra help on a different day!