Demerit System Protocol
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The 6-8 grades will be utilizing a demerit system of discipline beginning the school year.       

There will be a demerit register for each class and it will be monitored by the homeroom teacher at the end of each day.  The demerit period will be from marking period (trimester) to marking period (trimester).  Every five demerits will received by a student will result in an afterschool detention the following Wednesday.  Once a student has received four demerits, a form will go home with the student as a means to inform you that they will receive detention with the next demerit given. The form will need to be signed by you as confirmation and must be returned, and handed in, on the next school morning.

If a student fails to bring in the form on the next school morning, it will be counted as their fifth demerit and they will be given detention on the next Wednesday after school. 

If a student fails to attend the designated detention, they will fulfill that detention on the next Wednesday after school.­­­­

If a student has three detentions (15 demerits) within a marking period, a conference will be arranged with the parents/guardians and teacher(s) involved. 

If a student has four or more detentions (over 15 demerits) in a marking period, it may result in a suspension of any planned school activity (i.e. after school activities, sports, dances, trips, etc.), at the discretion of the school administration.

Reasons for demerits are as follows:

  • Disruptive behavior in class
  • Aggressive behavior on any school premise
  • Inappropriate behavior (all students are expected to represent St. Patrick during school hours and school-sponsored events and should act accordingly)
  • Out of uniform (missing or inappropriate clothing or accessories)
  • Unprepared for class (books, notebooks, pens, pencils, any other supplies requested by the teacher)
  • Inappropriate dress as specified in handbook

Automatic detentions:

  • Fighting
  • Destruction of school, teacher’s, or another student’s personal property
  • Inappropriate language or gesture towards anyone
  • Disrespectful behavior towards administration, teachers, or other students.